Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions for the rental of apartments

Dear guests! Before you rent our apartments, you should take the time for these lines! Since we all know the importance of a successful holiday today, we have tried to create all the necessary conditions for this. This also includes clear legal rules for renting a holiday gem. the booking confirmation.

§ 1 rental object and key
1.1 The landlord rents to the tenant the designated in the attached binding booking confirmation specified accomodation for the time stated in the confirmation and specified number of persons.
1.2 The rental property is fully furnished and furnished.
1.3 In the case of unsatisfactory cleaning, the guest has the right to rectify the defect if he notifies our property management on site without delay.
1.4 The tenant receives 1-2 house door / apartment keys for the duration of the rental period.

§2 rental period, arrival and departure
2.1 The rental property is rented to the tenant for the time specified in the binding booking confirmation.
2.2 The rental property can be obtained on the day of arrival flexible between 2:00pm and 2:00am the following day.
2.3 Earlier or later arrival time must be clarified in advance with the administrator. Please note that due to cleaning or the departure of the guests, there may be occasional delays in getting your holiday home.
2.4 On the day of departure, the tenant leaves the apartment until 11:00pm.
2.5 If you want to stay longer on the day of departure, please clarify this with the administrator on the spot.

§ 3 Rental price and method of payment
3.1 The complete rental price is specified in the binding booking confirmation.
3.2 After the end of the rental period, the tenant has vacated the property and broom clean in a proper condition to hand over to the landlord / administrator and hand over the keys to the landlord / administrator or on instructions of the landlord / administrator in the key safe to keep.
3.3 The amount is payable as follows: The deposit of 30% must be paid within 14 days of the booking confirmation to the account named by the landlord in the booking confirmation. The full balance must be paid no later than four weeks prior to departure to the same account. If the time between the start of the trip and the booking confirmation is shorter than four weeks, the entire amount must be paid immediately. If the lessee is in default with the down payment or the final payment, the lessor is entitled to terminate the contract without further notice without notice and to rent the leased property elsewhere. The landlord is entitled to claim compensation, according to the lump sums according to §4 of this contract.
3.4 Pets are welcome in the EC and UG apartments. In principle, however, with the booking request the prior consent of the landlord is required. The consent will be communicated separately in the booking confirmation. The renter is liable for all damages caused by the animal.
3.5 Smoking Please note that this is an allergic house and therefore smoking is not allowed in the entire house and in all rooms.

§ 4 Cancellation and cancellation of stay
4.1 If the tenant cancels (terminates) the contract before the start of the lease without naming a new tenant who enters into the contract on the same terms, the pro rata rents (excluding the final cleaning) listed under 4.3 shall be paid as compensation, provided that they are otherwise rented not possible.
4.2 If no notice is given and the renter does not arrive, the same conditions apply. It is recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance.
4.3 Termination / Cancellation In case of cancellation until the 55th day before the rental 20% If you cancel from the 54th to the 35th day before your rental 50% In case of withdrawal from the 34th to the 15th day before the rental date 75% In case of withdrawal from the 14th day until the day before the beginning of the rental 100% of the total price. Nevertheless, the landlord makes every effort to rent the property elsewhere.
4.4 If the tenant breaks off the stay prematurely, he remains obligated to pay the full rental price regardless of the reasons.
4.5 The lessee is hereby expressly permitted to prove that damage has not occurred at all or is substantially lower than the lump sum. The renter has the right to provide a replacement renter who will take over the apartment in full. For this a processing fee of 50,00 EUR can be calculated. Cancellation fees will not be charged.
4.6 Cancellation or termination can only be done textually. Decisive is the day of receipt of the declaration by the landlord. The contact details can be found on our letterhead, the mail communication as well as on our website.

§ 5 Liability and Due Diligence of the Lessee
The tenants must treat the rented premises and the furnishings with care. The lessees have to compensate for damage caused by guilt. The tenants are obliged, when referring to the premises, to check the device for its completeness and fitness for purpose and to raise complaints immediately against the landlord. During the rental period incurred damage, the tenants must also report immediately. If the tenants do not comply with these obligations, they are not entitled to a rent reduction because of these objections that are objectionable. If keys are lost, the costs of replacement must be replaced. If it is a security key, a lump sum of € 200.00 incl. valid VAT. due.

§ 6 Written form, Severability clause If individual provisions of these terms and conditions should be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the contract. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the ineffective or unenforceable provision.

§ 7 Jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the parties arising from the contractual relationship is Meersburg. The German law applies.